Sunday Morning with Cathy Macdonald - A Look Back


My first hour guest on Sunday was charity campaigner, and chair of Scottish Circle, Farah Khushi. It was while growing up in Pakistan and listening to her grandmother’s stories that Farah first became aware of the issue of domestic violence. It was a cause she would take up as an adult and Chair of Scottish Circle, committed to raising awareness across the world.

In the week of Margaret Thatcher’s death, we revisited the iconic address she gave to the General Assembly of the Church of Scotland 25 years ago. It was an address that became better known as ‘The Sermon on the Mound.’  The Very Rev Dr Finlay Macdonald  was there, and he shared his memories of that day in May 1988,  with me .

How do we get ethical values to permeate the welfare system? I’ll be discussing this issue with the Rev Ian Galloway, Minister of Gorbals Parish Church, and John Deighan, the Parliamentary Officer for the Catholic Church.

We’ve probably all daydreamed about walking away from our jobs, and the responsibilities of modern living.  Buddhist nun Ani Lhamo did just that, she’s lived for the last 20 years in the Samye Ling Tibetan monastery in Scotland. She told me about her spiritual journey and talked about the  extraordinary 4 year retreat she once undertook.

The classic play ‘Dr Faustus’, centres on greed and defiance of the authority of God that has Faustus sell his soul to the devil in exchange for power and knowledge. There’s a new radical version of the play at Glasgow’s Citizens Theatre which updates the tale into our world of celebrity, bankers and media moguls. The play was controversial when it first appeared over 400 years ago, but what do Christians think of it today? We sent Ronnie Convery to review it and he joined me in the studio to reveal if it still has the power to shock.

As part as of our Listening Project conversations, we heard from best friends since childhood, Kim McLeod and Ann Roberts, who have stuck together through thick and thin. And we had a great selection of music to ease you into Sunday morning...Listen again.


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