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Two years after the death of their daughter, Linda, (an aid worker) who was abducted in Eastern Afghanistan and subsequently died during a rescue attempt by US special forces; John and Lorna Norgrove explain how visiting Afghanistan, the places and people with whom Linda worked, and seeing the projects now funded by the 'Linda Norgrove Foundation' have helped them come to terms with their daughter's tragic death.

Archaeologists from the University of Glasgow have begun looking for traces of a Bishop's Palace in a Scottish Borders village - a discovery which may put Ancrum at the "very centre of medieval religion and politics". Archaeology officer Dr Chris Bowles explains how it's an "extraordinary site" and hopes the latest evaluation could underline its importance.

Last summer ex- teacher Susie Reid travelled to Brazil as a volunteer for a Christian charity called New Destiny. She spent two months working at the charity's outdoor centre in the south east of the country, near the city of Belo Horizonte, working with local youth leaders in the slums -or favelas - of the city, who bring groups of kids out to the centre for a weekend of outdoor activities and support. The experience made a great impression on Susie, and she's shared some of her memories with us.

As part of 'The Scottish Mental Health Arts And Film Festival' - theatre company Solar Bear are putting on a production: Inside, Outside, In our Stride. The production is for individuals experiencing long term metal health issues to express themselves within a workshop and then to take their production and perform it for the wider community. We'll be hearing from 'Tony', one of the participants in the group and Emma Hagen, psychodrama practitioner, who facilitates the group.

All this and a great mix of music to ease you into Sunday morning. That's Sunday Morning with me, Cathy Macdonald. I hope you can join me.

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