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Newsweek Scotland: Deja Vu

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Derek Bateman Derek Bateman | 16:00 UK time, Friday, 2 March 2012

Some deja vu this week. First I heard Daydream Believer and was whisked back to my early teens when the Monkees burst on the scene. We've forgotten now but there wasn't much in the way of television for teenagers then and we only really saw the Beatles on Top of the Pops or the other music show Ready Steady Go. In fact I remember pop shows with people like Dave Clark, the Kinks and Cilla appearing at the cinema. But the Monkees popped up every Saturday in the living room and we loved that air of impudence and optimism they generated. Farewell Davy Jones.

And deja vu because I was at the SECC beside the Clyde when the Future of Scotland Coalition met for the first time to bring a citizen's eye to the constitutional debate and was reminded of seemingly endless gatherings of the Constitutional Convention in the 80s and 90's. It was so low key that you had to look hard to discern the shoots of a real political movement, so much so I couldn't even see a report in the Scotsman the next day. But I suspect it's simmering and there are groups within who will grow impatient with the parties and the politicians' games and will want to break out and express themselves. They certainly won't like the Devo Plus group saying they will only propose their plan if Scotland does their bidding first and votes No to independence.Conditional politics? Isn't that just a bit patronising? Or how about Tavish Scott claiming that Devo Plus had killed off Devo Max. A bit presumptious, perhaps? It implies that now he has made up his mind the rest of us are wasting our time. Does that sound like democracy to you? Still they've come up with something, so good on them.

We'll look at this week's developments. It seems Johann Lamont really is saying No to anything other than more block grant. Is that the extent of Labour thinking, do you imagine? Isn't it the block grant that causes so much resentment in England? Does that also mean that Labour will go into the referendum campaign only saying No and yet with no offer of their own? We'll hear from Murray Pittock, Lesley Riddoch and David Torrance and ask what enhanced powers might deliver for Scotland. How might it change our country?

We discuss Trident nuclear weapons with a professor who thinks Scotland can't really say No to them. We look at the Russian elections and the Aberdeen Gardens referendum and get Angus Macleod's paper review. I'm off to catch the Last Train to Clarksville.

Join me at 8.


  • Comment number 1.

    Do you think you could play more extracts of Milliband Conference speech? Biggest laugh I have had in years!

  • Comment number 2.

    Maybe you would care to discuss why schoolchildren were bussed into the Libs conference If they are unable to fill their chosen venue that is their problem Children should not be used in this way

    No doubt the FM meeting R.Murdoch will get a mention it would be of more use to read the following link and discuss that


  • Comment number 3.

    "does that also mean that labour will go into the referendum campaign only saying no and yet with no offer of there own?"
    A good question and I suppose it depends where you get your information from .If you were to rely solely on the MSM including the BBC your question may come as a surprise.
    personally i would suggest that the Scottish labour party has been running on empty for a good few years and have had nothing to offer Scotland on anything never mind the new policy front.
    All we know is what Scottish labour is against which is basically everything especially if the SNP put it forward no matter whether the idea is good ,bad or indifferent labour just says no or votes against!
    clueless &desperate sums them up

  • Comment number 4.

    morning Derek, if you were to put 11 unionist politicians in a room you would get 12 answers as to what devo max actually meant and there lies the unionist's problem.
    they are divided on so many things and of course westminster cannot afford devo max or devo plus despite the media telling us for years that we the Scot's are subsidy junkies and that we are too wee too skint and too stupid

  • Comment number 5.

    Fascinating debate involving Pittock, Riddoch and Torrance. It appears that the second question is almost unavoidable unless Westminster spells out alternative legislation along the lines of Devo Plus. Of course this is highly unlikely and the "jam tommorrow" will remain undefined.
    The situation reminds me of that that exists re the future of Newsweek Scotland and its splendid host. They say the answer is in the ,as yet ,unpublished detail.
    Another case of "jam tomorrow"?

  • Comment number 6.

    Another excellent programme Derek. The Trident discussion was fascinating - so in their review during the 1990s, the decision makers believed the union so rock-solid and the siting of so Trident permanently esconced north of the border, they never even considered the possibility of any other scenario - and now there's a real problem for them because there's no other place to park it.....


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