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Tom's Top Tale: Toilet humour

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Tom Morton Tom Morton | 16:30 UK time, Thursday, 1 December 2011

Unusual toiletry facilities. After the first flush of enthusiasm, we began to plumb new depths in this discussion...though Willie's tale was, as ever, memorable...

Thomas Crapper Pull and Let Go flush handle

Having just recovered from a 2 hr Broadband 'outage' I wonder whether anyone has yet written in on the unusual toilet topic with mention of the communal system at Cultybraggan Army cadet-force camp in Perthshire?

To wit a row of stalls over an approx 30" diameter glazed pipe with a series of orifices (no wooden or other seats as i recall) one per stall and which functioned as the end nearer the water tank was perhaps a foot higher than that at the other end ....

This was colloquially referred to as 'The Magic Flute' and a reputedly favoured ploy was to be in the uppermost stall when some of the others were 'engaged' and light a wee paper boat just as the flush operated, thus eliciting a series of varied squeaks ,squawks and yelps as the wee burning boat proceeded down the line...


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