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Shereen: any good news?

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Shereen Nanjiani Shereen Nanjiani | 14:00 UK time, Friday, 2 December 2011

To mark World AIDS Day this week's special guest is David Johnson, the outgoing Director of Waverley Care which was set up to support people living with HIV. They opened Scotland's first AIDS Hospice, Milestone House back when hysteria about the virus was at its peak. David has some fascinating things about how our attitudes have changed since then. And his message is: not enough.

In the studio with me this Sunday are The Herald's Lucy Adams, journalist and political biographer David Torrance, and another newcomer to the show, Ian Blackford. It's a good week to have Ian on. He's a former banker and ex SNP Treasurer so it will be interesting to get his take on all the financial doom and gloom in the news this week. I wonder whether he and Tory sympathiser David Torrance will be locking horns. I also want to know whether he thinks the collapse of the Euro could bring about the collapse of some of our banks and if he agrees with Mervyn King that banks should not pay dividends or high bonuses just now.

We'll be debating whether the Public Sector strike was the "damp squib" that David Cameron called it. Jeremy Clarkson might get a mention here since he's got a lot of people stirred up by making a "joke" about the strikers that many found offensive. Isn't that just what he does?

And, no women on the shortlist of Sports Personality of the Year! "Shabby sexism" as on columnist put it. Discuss.

We are on a quest for good news and something to cheer us all up. Let me know your ideas and we'll do our best to put them in. We need it!


  • Comment number 1.

    To: Bill Gates
    December 1, 2011

    Can I call you Bill?
    Did it occur to you, that there was no such thing as the aids epidemic before the Second World War? Did it occur to you, that you are fighting a losing battle with the United States Government, who is creating all these death viruses to stem the population of the world without destabilizing the world with shock and aw. Did it occur to you, to look at the Pharmaceutical Industry as the source of all the disease being introduced into society for profit, above all moral values, if there are values anymore? Did it occur to you that chemists and scientists work covertly, creating strains of disease which will control and oppress the human race, to a population level which the world can support and feed? Why then, do you waist your resources, fighting, (Like the war in Afghanistan) for something you know you cannot win? The world's problem is over population, this is factual and well known.
    Take this scenario for instance:
    One day in the future, the last drop of marketable petroleum will be purchased by the winner of the petroleum lottery. This person will go down in history as being the last polluter of our cherished planet earth to burn a toxic substance killing our civilization. The world’s military will be the last to hoard the strategic oil reserves for the sole purpose of war and annihilation of human life, for the purpose of control of what? There is no oil left! Without oil, there can be no mass food production to feed the over population of the planet. Without oil, the starving will die, the diseased will die, the weak will die, the children will die, and the poor will die. The world will revert to a failed roman empire and turn to a higher power for salvation, be it the world leader with all the answers, the Messiah, You, or someone with the wherewithal to bring the world into the age of reason.
    What the world needs is a “Council of Supreme Leaders” which is not associated with Governments, Countries, Militaries, or any bias involving the human race.
    If you truly want to make a difference, create for us this Council of Supreme Leaders, to independently study and publish the facts of planet earth to the world. This should be an independent group, with an open book policy of every hidden secret and agenda known to man or Governments. Let nothing be hidden from us, as we the people should know the truth.

    Jesus Achchrist
    [Personal details removed by Moderator]

  • Comment number 2.

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  • Comment number 3.

    Hello Shereen,

    This morning 11.12.11, there was a discussion about the programme Frozen Planet. Mention was made that if a large piece of the Antarctic fell off it would have major implications for the planet. However, there was no statement explaining that this is not going to happen. Scientific papers show that there has been no warming of Antarctica over the 1975 to 1998 global warming period. For example, Doran et al, 2002, who showed that between 1986 and 2000, Antarctica cooled by 0.7 centigrade per decade and that ice is accummulating at the rate of 28.6 GigaTonnes per year. Of course a land mass, especially one that already holds 90% of all the ice on the planet, cannot sustain such an increase. Just like your growing fingernails must be trimmed, when the ice becomes too much for the Antarctic continent to support, a piece breaks off and floats away.

    Of course Frozen Planet said more about the North Pole where the ice is already floating on water. When the North Pole melts, it will not cause a rise in sea level. It is already part of the sea.

    One of the people in the studio referred to the plight of the Pacific Islands who face imminent threat of losing their islands beneath the waves. Research carried out by the Climate Research Unit of the University of East Anglia and posted on their web site, shows that there is no trend in the pattern of rise and fall of sea level across the Pacific.

    I am very disappointed that the BBC continues to prosecute a campaign on behalf of one side of the scientific debate on human caused global warming. If you do your research, you will discover that there are huge numbers of scientists who consider that the available evidence, of which there is a large quantity, does not show a link between human caused emissions of CO2 and average global temperature. Yet, you had no one to give balance to the discussion on the programme this morning. Instead, there was presentation of a dramatic and imminent threat to the planet with no scientific evidence, support from members of the studio with no scientific evidence and a piece from a FOTE spreading alarm, again with no scientific evidence.

    As someone famously said, "I think that is irresponsible, I think it is wrong and the people know who to blame."




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