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Tom's Top Tales - stuck in the bathroom

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Tom Morton Tom Morton | 15:40 UK time, Thursday, 7 July 2011

You'd asked about getting stuck I've got many family stories about getting stuck mainly in loos.

When my sister Angela and I were toddlers probably about 2 or 3 we were in the toilet happily guddling away in the sink and flushing the loo which we liked to pretend was a juke box, we locked the door so that we wouldn't be interrupted.

We had also got dressed up in our Mum's high heels. Once we took the high heels off we could no longer reach the lock and were now stuck in the loo getting more and more hysterical. At first Mum tried calmly to give us instructions to open the lock but after a few hours this hadn't worked, so she resorted to getting an axe and knocking through the door - rather like Jack Nicholson in The Shining!

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