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Shereen Nanjiani Shereen Nanjiani | 09:45 UK time, Monday, 25 July 2011

What a grim week for news. As details unfolded of the horrific events in Norway, there was disagreement among my panel on whether the Sunday papers crossed a line in their coverage of the story. Kirsty Scott felt some had gone too far with their use of graphic images of bodies at the scene. David Pratt felt that they needed to be shown to convey the enormity of the crime. It's a fine line and journalists don't always get it right.

Another story that journalists were accused of not getting right this week is the phone hacking story. Many felt it had been given undue prominence in news bulletins at the expense of the humanitarian disaster unfolding in Somalia. One aid agency said there were more column inches devoted to shaving foam than famine. He may be right, but gradually the balance was redressed as more horrific events unfolded.

In the midst of all this we had the death of Amy Winehouse, a sad inevitability perhaps. Quite a lot of double standards from the papers paying tribute to her, the same papers who stalked her every move and relished every lapse and breakdown.

On such a miserable week for humanity it was refreshing to hear from someone who's done nothing but good for her community. Shaheen Unis (founder of Mrs Unis Spicy Foods) talked to me at her warehouse about how she built up her business and why she's committed to giving something back to the ethnic minority communities in Edinburgh. A breath of fresh air.

Visit Shereen website to listen again to the show and an extended interview with Shaheen Unis below:


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