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Tom Morton Tom Morton | 15:00 UK time, Friday, 8 April 2011

Eddie is an expatriate Glaswegian, now living and listening in Croatia. Here he remembers one of those painful gym-related incidents. Or in this case, rugby...

Hi Tom

Depth of winter: Wednesday afternoon games - rugby: playing out of position at fullback: all the action with the forwards so not much to do: blooming cold: Get the picture? All of a sudden one of the other team manages to make a run for the line and I am last line of defence. Tackle him very badly and pull him back on myself: two cracks from my left ankle! Rolling about on the hard ground. PT teacher comes running over crying "get up boy!" But sir", I protest. "Come on get up for goodness sake" he unsympathetically growls. "But sir I heard two cracks" He takes my boot off, none too gently and sees my by now swelling ankle, he calls for another teacher to take over the game and he assists me to the changing rooms and tells me to change my top half. On noticing that I am wearing a semmit he has another rant! He grudgingly drove me to casualty where upon it was discovered that my ankle had two cracks. Full length cast for two weeks and then knee length cast for another four.

Was never a fan of PT after that when he was the teacher.

Enjoying the show as always
Eddie in Croatia

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