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What are your favourite songs?

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Cathy MacDonald Cathy MacDonald | 08:30 UK time, Sunday, 20 March 2011

Over recent weeks I've been asking for your suggestions for songs connected to a variety of themes. Rivers, mountains, islands, to name but a few, and I've been delighted at, and enormously grateful for the response. Now as I mentioned on last weeks show, I'm really looking forward to the new Sunday morning programme format, which kicks off in a few weeks time, and which my Radio Scotland colleagues Sally Magnusson and Ricky Ross and I get turns to present.

I'll be starting things off with a full two hours of music and discussion, but I'm going to need your help. I'm looking for your favourite songs - your special pieces of music, and why they're so important to you, so I can include them in the programme. Maybe there's a story attached that you'd like to share with me and all our other Sunday morning listeners - it could be funny or it could be poignant, what matters is why it's so special to you. I'm sure they are many and varied and it would greatly add to our musical journey on a Sunday morning.

You can get in touch by post or you can e-mail and I very much look forward to your tales


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    Not long after my baby girl went to live in the U.S., her mother sent me a video tape. The recording began in my sister-in-law's red Mustang, (she loved that car), with my wee lassie on the back seat. This is the song which was playing on the car radio.

    'Farm on the Freeway' - Jethro Tull


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