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Tom Morton Tom Morton | 10:24 UK time, Friday, 21 January 2011

Somehow, we got onto the subject of Morris Minor vans, preferably ones that had previously been used by the GPO...this came in from Stefan. Love the purple shagpile carpet!

Sitting here nursing a broken arm after the ice n snow. Good show. Love the stories.

Amused by the Morris 1000 stories. I bought mine (first car an ex-GPO post office van,) after leaving the army in 1975. It cost me £30 at Kinross market and I had it for 3 years without much hassle... and sold it for £40 at the end. I kept the yellow original yellow paint job (with the queen's crown on the side and the ladder rack on top!) and kitted out in back with purple shagpile carpet.
Never had any bother parking on double yellows or other prohibited parking spaces either!
One episode I remember, my mate and I heading for Cambridge via the Lake district when we were up a narrow mountain road.
We were flashed by a convoy of cars some miles away on the other side of the valley. In case we were on an unsafe road, we waited some 20 minutes until the first car came up to us. This well-dressed guy in amorning suit got out and asked us if we could go to a distant farmhouse some miles away and restore the phone line there as what turned out to be a funeral cortege in the distance was missing some family members and was being delayed. Of course, we had to refuse! The van also doubled as our wee gig van for our first band trio.
( Factoid: the Morris foot dipswitches could be and were, built into home-made footpedals for the amps as money was very tight in them day)s. Took us all over the Highlands and most of England in the three years that I had it. Ah...memories!


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