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Tom's Top Tales - ageing appliances

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Tom Morton Tom Morton | 17:26 UK time, Friday, 12 November 2010

On Friday we were looking for electrical appliances that had stood the test of time, following the news that the oldest working TV in captivity is in Wales, still going strong after 42 years. Kathleen Stewart from New England got in touch:

"Hello Tom, Greetings from Autumnal New England!

I have just the appliance you're speaking of today. It is a clock radio that my beloved father gave me when I went off to college in 1981. Its a dual alarm with a stereo radio ...he knew I'd need both alarms to get up in time for class. It's in perfect working order still, though a bit scratched from all the moving during those years. I wouldn't part with it for the world.

My Mum has the ultimate appliance - a General Electric refrigerator that she bought when she and my dad were first married in 1951. It works great, though has to be manually defrosted which is a royal job! She still uses it, though its been relegated to the overflow of food during the holidays and stocked with cold soft drinks in the summer.

Thanks for the great tunes!"


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