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Greetings Programme - songs that say thank you

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Cathy MacDonald Cathy MacDonald | 00:01 UK time, Sunday, 7 November 2010

A very kind Greetings listener sent me a parcel of rosy red apples this week, along with a request for a song, which I am only too happy to play. Indeed you don't have to send me anything other than a note of your request and I'll happily oblige. But as we all know - the trend for sending parcels is much lower than it once was - and I suppose that's what makes receiving one all the more exciting.


I remember in the pre-internet period, when, if you lived outside the metropolis, mail order was the thing and parcels were the equivalent of a day at the shops. So I wanted to say thanks - and since playing music is my stock in trade, what better than a suitable tune. There are quite a few that crystallize the sentiment, such as Abba's Thank You for the Music, Dido's melancholic Thank You and Kirsty MacColl, with Thank You for the Days. And this is where I hand over to you - what are your suggestions for songs that say "Thank You".... And how about if you want to say thank you to someone - family, friends, a neighbour even...let me know by dropping an e mail and your suggestions to greetings@bbc.co.uk.



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