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Tom's Top Tales - snakes

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Tom Morton Tom Morton | 18:30 UK time, Thursday, 28 October 2010

Email of the week this week came complete with very scary photographs! Who knew there was an imitation rattlesnake abroad?

Hi Tom

My brother is terrified of snakes. While camping with a group this spring on a remote island in Northern Wisconsin we came across the snake in the attached photos. I quickly picked it up with a large stick and my brother, out of his mind with fear, proceeded to run to the canoe and leave us stranded on the island. I thought about launching the viper into the canoe with him, but decided against it. He eventually came back and we got these photos while leaving. The snake is a harmless species known locally as a Fox Snake. It rattles it's tail against dry leaves to fool you into believing it is a rattle snake.

fox snake

fox snake

All the best,

Eric in Wisconsin

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