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Shereen's Sunday Interview with Will Hutton

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Shereen Nanjiani Shereen Nanjiani | 11:36 UK time, Monday, 11 October 2010

I'm hoping this week's show brought us all lots of luck. We broadcast live on 10/10/10, apparently one of the most auspicious days of the millennium.

Thousands of couples were preparing to take their wedding vows at 10.10am, just after we came off air. Since journalist David Pratt was the only unmarried person on my panel I asked if he had any plans for today. He looked decidedly shifty so I moved on!

There was much discussion on the show this week on the notion of fairness as the Coalition government announced an end to universal child benefit. My special guest, economist Will Hutton has strong views on what makes a fair society. He told me he got his sense of fairness from his childhood here in Scotland.

I hadn't realised that Will went to school in my neck of the woods, at Bishopton Primary in Renfrewshire and then onto Paisley Grammar. He has fond memories of teachers dressed like the cast of Mad Men and not so fond memories of getting "the strap". That's when his liberal conscience was stirred, he says.

It was good to hear more about the man behind the soundbites for a change. Hope you enjoy it.

Listen to Shereen, Sunday 0900 on BBC Radio Scotland and available to listen again on iPlayer.


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