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Greetings Programme: Paul Mitchell on his memorable journeys

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Karen Miller Karen Miller | 00:00 UK time, Sunday, 10 October 2010

Paul Mitchell is presenting The Greetings Programme on BBC Radio Scotland this Sunday at 0705. Following on from Cathy's blog about journeys last week, he reminisces about some of his memorable trips...

Thinking about the current theme on the Greetings programme of 'journeys' brought back many memories to mind. I enjoy flying and the distance that it eats up to get me places although the trip from Amsterdam to Ukraine on board Eastern European airlines is not one I would wish to repeat. I still have no idea what I ate and never wish to see 'bulgur wheat' again.

On four wheels this summer in Texas, my family and I had fun constantly re-tuning the radio on our drive from Dallas to Houston as the signals of our chosen entertainment never seemed to last long as we ate up the miles and each new station was a discovery.

For sheer fun, the journey from the holiday home we hired in Oban a few years ago to the Rare Breeds Farm Park will live long in the memory. We took, shall I say, 'the scenic route' which involved the bumpiest and hilliest road I have ever been on. Shrieks of laughter came from the back of the car as my kids watched their Grandparents in the following car - the sight of their Grandma being bounced about in her seat on this road full of dips and peaks just the prefect entertainment.

But one song always comes back to me when I think about music and driving. First heard on a gorgeous backroad near Halifax in Nova Scotia while absorbing the scenery. The song 'What about now' by Lonestar. Singing (a term I use loosely) along to the chorus - 'What about now, why should we wait, we can chase these dreams down the interstate' - great music for any journey - and perhaps for the Greetings programme sometime.

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