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Do you have a special song?

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Cathy MacDonald Cathy MacDonald | 00:00 UK time, Sunday, 26 September 2010

Next week - on Thursday to be exact, will be my wedding anniversary, and I thought that since I'm normally playing music for our listeners who are celebrating their special days, I would play a song which reminds me of my wedding day - or at least the period leading up to it - Andy Williams and "Can't Take My Eyes Off You". It's great and it's fun and still reminds me of going to see The Deerhunter at the ABC on Lothian Rd in Edinburgh all those years ago.

We've all got special songs though, real favourites - ones that define certain important milestones in our lives - such as your wedding day or when you got together with your partner - perhaps you danced your first number to it when you got hitched, or maybe you just simply love it.

I'm inviting you to share them with our listeners - is there a wee story to tell too? Go on, let me know and I'll play it on the Greetings programme, dedicating the songs to you and yours.

Email greetings@bbc.co.uk.

The Greetings Programme, Sundays 0705.



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