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Tom Morton Tom Morton | 08:07 UK time, Saturday, 21 August 2010

The news that a third of British adults still have their childhood teddy bears provoked some...interesting reactions from listeners...

This from Tom:
"Bears. From where I sit in my girlfriend's front room I count 26 bears, 6 dogs,3 mice, 3 lambs, 2 cats, 2 cheetas, 2 tigers,2 reindeer,1 unicorn,1 nessie,1 doroman.1 wasp or bee(large) and there may be more behind me. There is also a live kitten attacking my typewriter...she sleeps with 2 stuffed dogs and a teddy bear."

And there was Deborah's more restrained collection:
Well, as other listeners are owning-up, here goes:
I have 3 bears - one is just called Teddy, he must be 60 as I had him from when I was born & he was a Swiss bear. He has no ears now (what did I do to him?!) & very little hair as I believe I gave him a shave once; he is quite small and sits on the lap of "Giles" who I was given for my 21st - he is big & ginger with very "knowing" eyes.
Number 3 is Lloyd who I won in one of the many fund raising (for charity, at least that what they said) competitions run by my bank. He is simply gorgeous but neither he or the other 2 get in my bed, no way. All spare space on my bed is reserved for a large, handsome black cat called Ozzy who does like to stretch out to his full length when asleep!
Good programme today - I am listening when I should be working.

Finally, this heartwarming missive from Big Tommy:
Coincidentally my sister has just e-mailed me to say my niece has been clearing her loft and found my teddy bear
whom I haven't seen for over 40 years. I look forward to being re-united with Ted soon.

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