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Tom's Tall Tales, week of 9 August

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Tom Morton Tom Morton | 12:56 UK time, Thursday, 12 August 2010

Back from the Barnard Challenge (3700 miles by motorcycle in a week), and we have plunged back into the weird and wonderful world of tall (and short) tales from the TM listenership...

There were things that had somehow slipped your mind... provoking this from Ken Robertson:

"As an occasional function dj I've dj'd at weddings (which always run late). At one big posh wedding at the Great Hall in Strathclyde Uni it ran later and later. So late I went out for a coffee. I asked the staff to phone me when they were ready.

Later on as I came out of the coffee shop and after a good read of the paper I thought to myself - what was it I was doing again? - I'm sure I had something in mind.
Fortunately after remembering five minutes later, and a quick run up the High Street, I ran on to the stage as the toastmaster came on to introduce the first dance. Seamless..."

Good reasons for moving to Australia, and the essential Scottish item you'd take with you? This came in by text:

Hi Tom if i moved to Oz the one Scottish item that I would have to take iI suppose would have to be the wife. Fae Ian in Inverness.

While much admiration for Bondi Beach provoked Barbara Clements, an inhabitant of Banff to complain:

"Just heard the comparison between Bondi Beach and Banff... Banff has it's very own "Boyndie Bay" a beautiful long sandy beach, with wonderful rollers off the Moray Firth .....beautiful but always bracing."

And then there was the whole question of unusual weddings, stemming from Robbie Williams' decision to have nine of his pet dogs as bridesmaids at his...my favourite, from Davey the Fossil:

"My partner's son had a humanist wedding and his best man was......his dog!! very bizzare."



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