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The Greetings Programme 8 Aug 2010

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Karen Miller Karen Miller | 00:01 UK time, Sunday, 8 August 2010

Paul Mitchell is sitting in for Cathy this week on the Greetings Programme.

Cathy on her blog last week wrote about 'first songs' which prompted me to reach back into my mind, all the way to 1981, and recall that the first single that I bought was 'Arthur's Theme' by Christopher Cross (from the film with Dudley Moore, which to this day I have never seen).

Paul Mitchell

Paul Mitchell

The name of the song I remembered without a problem but thinking about it triggered a forgotten memory as I recalled what happened to the record sleeve - my sister, who was five at the time, decided to take a pair of scissors to the paper sleeve and cut off the four corners. The damage would have been worse if I had not intervened although my plea for my sister to be reprimanded was met by a smile from my Mum who said such things could happen if I left my stuff lying around.

I often attend a weekly quiz with a group of my friends. At a recent quiz, one of the questions was 'Which TV character had a car with the number plate 248 RPA ?'
Our team mulled over this question, seeking the answer. As I thought, I could hear something in my head - a melody prompting and pushing me towards the answer. The answer arrived swiftly as I identified the music - it was Barrington Pheloung's haunting theme tune to' Inspector Morse' the owner of the car. Two points for the quiz team and another example of music and memory sparking together.

So if you've a musical memory you'd like to share with a loved one on a special day do get in touch.

Now if I could only find a tune to play in my head to remind me where I have left my car keys when I misplace them ......



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