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Women on The Web

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Simone Byrne Simone Byrne | 09:34 UK time, Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Producer Debbie McPhail tells us about Women on the Web a programme which examines the effects of the internet and social networking on women's lives.

Edi Stark

Edi Stark
According to recent articles in the press, women are taking over social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. When I asked award-winning journalist Edi Stark to find out why - I knew she'd be hard to convince that tweeting and blogging could be anything other than a waste of time.

Edi, who is renowned for her insightful interviews, is a big fan of face-to-face. What the words of her interviewees don't reveal can often be found in their eyes. So could she be convinced that tweeting or blogging could have any value at all?

Hearing about the Tweets of fellow journalist Alexandra Heminsley failed to convince her. Discovering that there was a virtual mother and toddlers group - didn't impress her either as Edi was never a fan of real mother and toddler groups.

There was definitely a flicker of admiration when she met former corporate lawyer Anna Louise Simpson. Anna Louise now runs her business Mama Tea, which is a range of herbal teas for every stage in pregnancy from her laptop at home.

When Anna Louise explained to Edi that she could strap her smart phone to the double buggy and even though the kids were crying she could do business through her twitter and Facebook accounts - Edi thought she was supermama! However - like any form of communication, social networking whether it's twitter, Facebook or blogs appears to be about making connections with other people with similar interests.

Perhaps no surprise then - that Edi began to crack when she discovered the blog of two incredibly fashionable women from Glasgow. Because Edi loves fashion! Ooh..look at these shoes...


Women on the Web is on BBC Radio Scotland, Wednesday at 1130 and available to listen again on iPlayer.



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