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Share your memories of the 80s

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Karen Miller Karen Miller | 12:00 UK time, Tuesday, 13 July 2010

On the 23 July 2010, Radio Scotland is turning back the clock to the 1980s. We'll be telling you more about what's planned over the next few days, but I thought I'd begin by asking what your memories of the decade are?

I asked my colleagues in the Radio Scotland music department the very same question...

'Fame' the musical kick started a dance craze which saw some of us (me included I have to confess) don figure hugging lycra and woolly leg warmers to head to the nearest dance class. Just glad I have no photos!
Recording Top of the Pops off the telly onto our wee cassette recorder - so we could listen back to the pop music from that week's Charts!
Knickerbockers and Pedal pushers, Tukka Boots, Kickers (first time round), Fame, Bucks Fizz winning the Eurovision Song Contest, Torvil & Dean skating to Bolero, Simple Minds, Wham, The Pet Shop Boys and Madonna's True Blue. Oh, and trying to convince your Mum to buy you a school skirt from The Skirt and Slack Centre.

Live Aid, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Wham and Duran Duran

Live Aid, Frankie Goes to Hollywood, Wham and Duran Duran
The cassette single; the "who shot JR?" cliff hanger; Channel 4 launching; the 20p coin coming into circulation; getting a digital watch for my 10th birthday; bad fashion accessories...Snoods (Nik Kershaw was responsible for them); a counselling service set up for fans when Kajagoogoo and Wham both split up; trying to collect all the different 12" remixes for Frankie Goes To Hollywood's Two Tribes single; Smash Hits and Number One magazines with free badges!! The Tube on Channel 4; joining the Howard Jones fanclub!!

Cassette, JR Ewing with Terry Wogan, DLT on the Radio One Roadshow and a 20p coin

Cassette, JR Ewing with Terry Wogan, DLT on the Radio One Roadshow and a 20p coin

Personally I remember gathering round a little portable radio at school with friends listening to (Ooh) Gary Davies announce the new No 1 on his BBC Radio 1 show; loving Simon Bates "Our Tune" especially the really tragic ones, spending many hours creating cassette compilations of my favourite songs, being amazed at the graphics on the ZX Spectrum, camping out in the family lounge for the night to watch Live Aid and recording the best bits on cassette (we didn't yet have a video player)... Dallas, Dynasty, Howard's Way...

...I'm going to stop now!

So those are a few of ours, what are yours?



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