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Monte Carlo, Andy Murray and a broken tripod... a day in the life of Annie McGuire

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Annie McGuire Annie McGuire | 09:47 UK time, Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Bonjour from Monaco! I can't promise that all my BBC Radio Scotland blog entries are going to come from glamorous locations, but this week I'm here covering Andy Murray's progress at the Monte Carlo Masters tennis. I'm the only person here from the BBC this week, so I'm providing material for BBC Radio Scotland, Reporting Scotland, the BBC news channel and Five Live. We now cover these events by working as 'video journalists' - meaning you film and edit everything you do yourself. So when you see me talking direct to the camera in pieces on Reporting Scotland, be aware I'm talking to a camera with no-one behind it - bound to get you some funny looks - and I'm sure one day someone is going to come along and swipe it while I'm in full flow.

Andy Murray is a great subject to cover. Despite what you might read in some of the press he's very affable and down to earth - and because of the rules of the tennis authorities he has to speak to the media after every single match. So unlike, for example, footballers he's doing literally HUNDREDS of interviews a year. Forgive him if occasionally he looks a little bored!

This all means I'm leaving my normal job at Sportsound and Your Call for a week - just as the football season is coming to an end. It never ceases to amaze me how much happens in football every time I'm on a tennis trip - and thanks to all the Ross County fans I know for making sure I'm kept up to date! I think it's healthy though for 'sports journalists' to be just that - rather than just 'football journalists'. Covering another sport helps you keep perspective on Scottish football.

And perspective is something I've had to maintain out here so far this week. When my baggage came off the carousel at Nice Airport I discovered that my tripod now has....well, two legs rather than three after it had what appears to be a rather nasty bump while checked in to the hold. A rather stressful experience for someone who doesn't speak french. Should you ever require it the magical phrase which got BBC Scotland back on track is 'Je voudrais acheter un trepied'.



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