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Links for 19-06-2008

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Tristan Ferne | 12:36 UK time, Thursday, 19 June 2008

No radio links this week, just three interesting articles on open-source hardware, serendipitous recommendations and how to unleash your creativity.

Open-source hardware | Open sesame | Economist.com
The Economist gives an introduction to open-source hardware featuring devices from openmoko, Chumby, Bug Labs et al.

...My heart's in Accra » The architecture of serendipity
A good post about how about typical recommendation systems on the web aren't about recommendation, but about prediction. They tend to do a good job of making consistent, safe recommendations but should be more open and serendipitous.

How to Unleash Your Creativity: Scientific American
Capturing, challening, broadening, surrounding and "walk out the door for 20 minutes or so and see what happens to your thinking".

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