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Links for 14-04-2008

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Tristan Ferne | 09:26 UK time, Monday, 14 April 2008

My name is [ ] and this is my jam.
"Create beat-matched micro-mixes of your favorite songs to share on blogs and social networks."

Chumbysphere Forum / Warning LONG POST: BBC Radio for your Chumby
A dedicated listener shows how to stream BBC radio on a Chumby, a kind of internet appliance. Unfortunately you can't get Chumbys in the UK yet.

all manner of distractions » Blog Archive » Solar, with lyrics
Lovely music visualisation for the Goldfrapp song. Built in Processing with manually annotated sections, beats and lyrics.

Matt Deegan Writes » Radio 1 Using Facebook Events
Matt talks about Radio 1's use of Facebook for Zane Lowe's Masterpieces. Apparently even Chuck D joined in.

More at http://del.icio.us/tristanf/work


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