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Links for 04-01-2008

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Tristan Ferne | 15:44 UK time, Friday, 4 January 2008

Tagomendations - making recommedations transparent - Duke Listens!
How to use tags to show why you're making a recommendation and making artist recommendations through overlapping, distinctive tags. This is a really good blog if you're interested in music discovery on the internet.

From Beethoven to The Prodigy - Navigating tag space - Duke Listens!
Visualising gradually moving from artist to artist using descriptive tags while "minimizing iPod whiplash"

Audiosurf: ride your music
Game-like driving/spaceship/roller-coaster music visualiser!

Epeus' epigone: URLs are people too
People should be represented by URLs, not email addresses. A number of people round here are starting to look at identity and users' data.

Cantometrics - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
"Cantometrics (roughly speaking, "song measurements") is a method for relating the statistical analysis of (primarily) sonic elements of traditional vocal music (or folk songs) to the statistical analysis of sociological traits"

Apple readying HD Radio push for Macworld
"Apple plans a push for iTunes Tagging-ready, HD Radio-equipped boomboxes with iPod docks during the mid-January Macworld Expo event". Tag the song playing on the radio, it tells your docked iPod and then later syncs with iTunes so you can buy the song.

Interesting interfaces at Current TV
Check out the vertical scrolling and expanding TV schedule and the flagged-up discussions in the Viewpoints section.

More at http://del.icio.us/tristanf/work


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