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    1. Editor, Home Front

      Could we do a horror on radio? Could we horrify people? Not an atmospheric, gothic spook with resonant chords and the whiff of damp tweed, but something actually scary. Something to make the audience squelch. That was the ambition. There's a mantra in Hollywood that to be effective, a screenpla...

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    2. Right from the start it was clear that the sound of water would feature heavily in the soundscape of the production - the river Thames could be considered the central character of the piece as so much of the story is woven in and around it. Drownings and near drownings, Lizzie Hexam and her fath...

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    3. Only last week I was fretting about my return to work, after having had time off to have my second baby. But why should I worry? Of course I would remember how to sound-edit the programme, and I would never go into a blind panic when I had to point that microphone for the latest sound effect nee...

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