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    1. Writer, performer and broadcaster

      AA: America's Gift to the World

      AL Kennedy's new Radio 4 documentary - AA: America's Gift to the World - tells the story of Alcoholics Anonymous and its methods, and asks whether AA is still the best 'cure' for addicts given new science and treatments.

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    2. Editor's note: You can listen to this epsiode of Thinking Allowed now on the website. The Thinking Allowed team are also making a series of specials on the present and the future of our home life and are looking for your help. Details towards the end of the post - PM. Nowadays I haven't any ...

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    3. Going against the grain in front of your peers takes some doing in any sphere and one of the reasons Iconoclasts has provoked such interest is because our well-known, heavyweight speakers come on and present genuinely iconoclastic views which attract robust challenge - not least from other exper...

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