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    1. Head of Interactive, Radio 3

      Radio 4 reporter Hugh Sykes is in Egypt. He presented the Cairo end of today's extended The World This Weekend and he's been providing reports for Broadcasting House, PM, From Our Own Correspondent and many other programmes and bulletins while he's been there. If you're a regular listener you'll...

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    2. Head of Interactive, Radio 3

      Justin Webb, until recently the BBC's North America Editor, arrived in the Today studio this morning for his first appearance as a permanent presenter of the programme (he's filled in once or twice in the past). We asked Chris Vallance to talk to Justin - exclusively for the Radio 4 blog - about...

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    3. There are many advantages to working in August. True, while many of our colleagues (and listeners) are battling with dilemmas like "white or red?", "pool or beach?" and "if I eat anything else for breakfast, will I still be able to get into my swimsuit?", I am trawling through websites, special...

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