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    1. Producer

      This is the story of the search for the Manhattan Bee Man - a guy who apparently lives in New York with 250,000 bees in his apartment and is completely oblivious to the discomfort. Is he real or is he a just another bogie man? It's also about Alphabet City, and the truly amazing people who live ...

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    2. Head of Interactive, Radio 3

      The #GreatestCity debate took place this morning at 0900 and hundreds of you joined in here on the blog, on Twitter and on Facebook. Four World Cities squared up for the big fight. Laurie Taylor chaired, four city lovers made the case for their favourites - London, Mumbai, New York and Istanbul ...

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    3. Head of Interactive, Radio 3

      Laurie Taylor wants to know which of these four cities is the planet's greatest: Istanbul, Mumbai, New York or London. The big debate is on Radio 4 tomorrow morning (Monday 12 July) at 0900 but we want your opinion now. Leave a comment here on the blog or tweet using the hashtag #GreatestCity, t...

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