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    1. Presenter

      Editor's note: Neil Brand is a highly experienced radio playwright and award-winning composer/lyricist who with director David Hunter is responsible for today's Afternoon Play: The Big Broadcast which you can hear online for the next seven days. Here Neil relates the evolution of The Big Broadca...

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    2. Head of Interactive, Radio 3

      Mark Watson is live on Radio 4 at 2300 on Monday evening with a brand new live pilot called Mark Watson's Live Address to the Nation. The theme of the pilot is 'ambition' and your role (apart from listening, of course) is to share your ambition story. What's the craziest (or noblest) thing you'v...

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    3. Head of Interactive, Radio 3

      You'll forgive me a cheesy science pun if I tell that Radio 4's comedy science magazine show The Infinite Monkey Cage is acquiring an additional dimension this afternoon. In addition to listening to the programme live on Radio 4 from 1630 today you're invited to join a live chat about the progra...

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    4. Head of Interactive, Radio 3

      Monday's Infinite Monkey Cage is going to be a pretty big deal - recorded live in front of an audience of science and comedy fans at the Royal Society's See Further Festival this weekend. And here's the neat thing: during Monday's transmission of the programme (at 1630 on Radio 4) we're hosting ...

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    5. Head of Interactive, Radio 3

      Woman's Hour Balloon Debate This morning's Woman's Hour balloon debate was a huge hit with the studio audience and I've just closed a very busy parallel live chat on the same theme. Click 'replay' to see all the comments we published. Some were typed directly into the chat and others sent via Tw...

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