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    1. Head of Radio & Music Production, Bristol

      The Radio 4 More Than Words Listening Festival takes place in Bristol on March 16th, 17th and 18th this year. It's a celebration of sound, storytelling and the art of listening but also a celebration of a unique and enduring partnership with the city. In 1934 the Lord Mayor of Bristol, one He...

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    2. Head of Interactive, Radio 3

      Musical instruments carved from ice cut from a frozen fjorde, concerts by musicians from all over the world, held in snow flurries under the Northern lights. Not your typical music festival. These remarkable pictures, by photographer Emile Holba, were taken at the Norwegian Ice Music Festival, t...

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    3. Commissioning Editor, Radio 4 & 4 Extra

      To the person who commented on my Latitude blog post, 'nice work if you can get it', yes, it's fantastic work. And not just because I'm writing this on Sunday morning on the train to one of the most beautiful cities in the world, Edinburgh. I'm working in Scotland for the next fortnight. We are ...

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    4. Head of Interactive, Radio 3

      The office is full of people who spent the weekend at the Latitude Festival in Suffolk. They don't look visibly scarred, although apparently it rained more-or-less all the time. Absolutely no one was miserable, though, because there was no mud. Sandy soil, you see. That's the secret of a happy S...

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    5. Commissioning Editor, Radio 4 & 4 Extra

      As I start writing this the countdown timer on the Latitude Festival website says there are 10 hours and 45 minutes and 3 seconds to go before the Festival starts. Which is a bit worrying as I have to drive all the way there from West London and I would not mind some sleep before it all kicks of...

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