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    1. I've wanted to do a series about Higher Education for some time. I taught part time at a university for ten years and always thought it was an area ripe for satire. The expansion of tertiary education in the Blair years meant our newer universities were unprepared for the overload of bureaucracy...

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    2. Editor's note: Riazat Butt is The Guardian's religious affairs correspondent. Listen to her programme on Radio 4 at 2000 tonight - SB. Oxford University's admissions system is one of those subjects that really winds people up - and that's why I wanted to look at it. It enrages those who think t...

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    3. Head of Interactive, Radio 3

      A small corner of Radio 4 has decamped to Derby for two days - to record some big programmes (inlcuding a fantastcially exciting live Woman's Hour this morning, with lots of audience participation), to run some workshops with students and to generally spread the good word with the students and f...

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