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Life and Fate: Download, keep and listen later

Tuesday 27 September 2011, 17:50

Paul Murphy Paul Murphy Senior Producer, A&Mi

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Life and Fate: How long have I got to download all the episodes?

All the episodes of Radio 4 adaptation of the epic Life and Fate are available to download until this Sunday when the first episode expires (NB: The expiry dates on the podcast page page are wrong - you need to deduct 14 days from the stated availability. There's a longer explanation of why the dates appearing are wrong here*).

Battle of Stalingrad

Stalingrad, used under license from the Deutsches Bundesarchiv

Life and Fate: Some of the reviews

In The Telegraph Pete Naughton was effusive in his praise:

"Life and Fate is fabulous, mind-expanding drama, brilliantly adapted from Grossman's book by Mike Walker and Jonathan Myerson and delivered with great subtlety by a big-name cast. I'd be staggered if it's not an enduring hit..."

The Observer's Miranda Sawyer found it harder to get into:

"But by episode 5, where we joined Sofya, a Jewish doctor captured and put, with other Jews, on to a cattle truck to Poland, I was utterly gripped."

And she concludes:

"I yearn for a long, lonely car drive and to listen to the whole drama all in one go."

Life and Fate is dark, challenging and at times difficult to follow. And I suspect some may have been daunted by the subject matter. But as The Guardian's Elisabeth Mahoney says:

"This is a tough book, shaped by Grossman's own experience - his mother was among 20,000 Jews murdered in Berdichev in 1941 - and his time as a war correspondent, during which he wrote one of the first eyewitness accounts of a Nazi extermination camp. It can make grim listening in places, but this is countered by beautiful writing, exquisite acting and the sheer class of the adaptation."

Paul Murphy is the editor of the Radio 4 blog

  • You can download all the episodes of Life and Fate to keep and listen later from the Radio 4 podcast page but do it before 2pm this Sunday, 2 October.
  • There's more information about Life and Fate including a family tree of Life and Fate's characters to print out on the Life and Fate programme page.
  • Life and Fate on the Radio 4 blog
  • *BBC podcasts are normally available for 7 days, 30 days or indefinitely. To ensure that all the episodes of Life and Fate would be available for seven days after the transmission of the last programme an exception was made (with the permission of the rights' holders) and the availability would be 14 days. As the current system doesn't allow 14 days to be set as a duration we had to set it to 30 days initially and manually remove episodes as they reach 14 days. Apologies for any inconvenience (and the lengthy explanation).

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    Comment number 1.

    I heard the first part live and have listened to the podcasts of Anna's Letter and Vera and her Pilot. I have them all on my smartphone as podcasts but have been too busy this past week to listen to them. I really need a whole day set aside for this, but I'll have to make do with one part whenever I can fit it in. Not the sort of thing I want to listen to while doing anything else. Need my full attention.

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    Comment number 2.

    Really enjoying this but a quick request if the BBC does a big set piece podcast again. Please code the title field of the mp3 in order - i.e. 01-Victor and Luyda , 02-Anna's Letter. At the moment it is Victor and Luyda, Anna's Letter etc. The reason is my Nokia smartphone orders Podcasts by title only so the episodes get sorted into alphabetical order. I can of course listen to an episode then manually select the next correct one, but it's a bit of a pain. It does not have an option for sort by filename or download date (which is what is needed). There are still a lot of Nokia's out there and we don't all have iphones or androids - so that would be great!

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    Comment number 3.

    Well, that's rubbish, purposefully misleading your audience about how long a download is available. Sounds like you need a system that is not designed to annoy your users.


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