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Generations Apart: Kwabena, Sandra and David

Friday 5 August 2011, 13:14

Fi Glover Fi Glover

The editor: On Monday 8 August Fi Glover launches Generations Apart, a new series for BBC Radio 4 which tracks the fortunes of two groups of people at very different stages in their lives - the first Baby Boomers born in 1946, and the 'children of the nineties' born at the same time as the world wide web. More details at the end of this post - PM.


Child of the 'nineties: Kwabena

Sometimes people leave more of a mark on you than you expect don't they? And Kwabena is one of those people - he's one of the 21 year olds we are talking to for our series - and until today I'd only heard his voice as the producer Sue Mitchell had been out to interview him before.

He is a musician and hopes that he can make singing his career. I didn't expect him to be quite so charming in the flesh - which is not to do down his immense vocal talents. But there is something about him that is a bit mesmerising and I can't help thinking that he is destined for bigger things than just our Radio 4 series.

I hope so anyway because he has a voice to die for and, as he puts it, singing is his life. He agrees that he has some kind of singing Tourette's - where he just can't help but break into song whenever and wherever he is - but he's got such a fabulous voice who cares?

I can't wait to go and see one of his concerts. I'm preparing myself to feel quite old when I do though - (I view the mosh pit as out of bounds these days) but the weird thing about making this series is that because we are tracking two groups of people - 21 year olds and 65 year olds - I get to feel ancient (and dowdy) one day and then young and naive the next (and still dowdy).

I have started cycling more since meeting Sandra and David (both 65) - on the basis that if they can tone up and speed up to become triathlon champions in their 60s then really I should be able to power myself and my chubby calves into the West End three times a week in my forties.

I wonder whether our series will inspire you in the same way. I hope so.

Fi Glover presents Generations Apart


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    Comment number 1.

    I really enjoyed the Generations Apart piece this morning but was very disappointed that neither the individuals interviewed or Fi Glover acknowledged the opportunities that these 65 year olds have to help, support, volunteer their life skills to help the younger age range.
    We should be encouraging generations together. There is too much intergenerational distrust, we should be promoting the benefits of generations working together.
    I look forward to tomorrow's episode.

    Director - United for All Ages


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