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Cosmic dust and poetry in Cardiff

Wednesday 11 November 2009, 11:02

Caroline Raphael Caroline Raphael Commissioning Editor, Radio 4 & 4 Extra

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Cardiff University

Free tickets for BBC Radio 4 recordings at Cardiff University

Update: the information about Any Questions below is wrong. The panel for tomorrow's live show is: Claire Fox (Institute of Ideas), Tim Montgomerie (Editor of Conservative Home), AN Wilson (journalist) and Chuka Umunna (Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for Streatham - @ChukaUmunna on Twitter).

We are about to embark on the third and final leg of our mini-tour of Universities. We will be in Cardiff on Thursday and Friday of this week (the 12th and 13th November). On Thursday we are recording Material World with Quentin Cooper and new quiz show The Third Degree hosted by Steve Punt that sees academics pitted against their students. On Friday we have Any Questions with Jonathan Dimbleby and Bespoken Word, our performance poetry programme presented by Mr Gee.

The Cardiff venues are large so we have room for members of the public as well as students and members of the University staff. If you go onto the Cardiff University website you will find details of how to book. So if you live in the Cardiff area do come and join us. You are all very welcome.

The following guests have been confirmed:

Any Questions: journalist Bryony Gordon (@bryony_gordon on Twitter), Chuka Umunna (@ChukaUmunna on Twitter), Labour's Parliamentary Candidate for Streatham, Steffan Lewis, the Plaid Cymru prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Islwyn and Andre Walker, Tory campaigner.

Bespoken Word: John Sparkes, Dizraeli, Laura Dockrill, Ross Sutherland and Nathan Penlington.

Material Word: Nick Pidgeon and Nick Jenkins from the Energy Institute talking about the Severn Barrage. Haley Gomez will be talking about Cosmic Dust and Nick Pidgeon about public reaction to new technologies including the news about the proposed new nuclear power plants.

Caroline Raphael is Commissioning Editor for Comedy and Entertainment at Radio 4

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    Comment number 1.

    I hope I'm barking up the right tree here in cyber space... but has anyone else listened to that appalling piece of (elephant) ordure masquerading as comedy on R4 at 11.30 (Friday?)

    What on earth possessed Nick Hornby (not one of my favs, but surely a halfway competent writer) to consent to pen a drama about a rich pop star who keeps a pachyderm in the front room? How hard up is he? How bored was he with the whole idea? Bored enough to punctuate every few lines with FX of elephant peeing or dumping? Sounds like it. And who told Noddy Holder he could act? You could almost hear his finger running along the lines on the page. But then maybe even he couldn't believe how leaden they were.

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    Comment number 2.

    To be honest, injury-time, you are barking up the wrong tree with this particular comment, although if you visit the BBC Radio 4 message boards, there is a concurrent discussion on 'The Richest Man in Britain' on 'The Choice is Yours' message board:



    I have taken the liberty of reposting your message there, injury-time, although it could have been more appropriately posted on the Drama & Readings message board. The BBC website is a bit of a mess, is it not?

    Comedy is a funny thing?


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    Comment number 3.

    I have just listened to Caroline Raphael on Feedback. She recited with great satisfaction a list of bodies a joke about Anne Frank (on a David Mitchell programme) went through and said no one had objected. I am amazed that no one thought it might be insensitive. Have they had a complete moral by-pass at the BBC? Anything's ok so long as it's good for a laugh eh.

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    Comment number 4.

    Whoever posted the note, 'comedy s a funny thing' never listened to the Elephant in the Room. Poor David Mitchell is like any English Oxbridge graduate bully, he has to pick on someone more unfortunate than himself and with his looks there are not that many.

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    Comment number 5.

    To Any Questions Staff.
    1/ First a pat on the back. Well done for changing the website to include potted biography of the programmes guests. Saves me “Google-ing” them every week when the programme starts. It would be even better for listeners, and enhance the experience, (well me at least) if you added a small photograph with the bio's.
    2/ The sound engineers really blooped on the 13/11/09 edition. One of the guests' mikes was clearly not working. This often happens, or the balance is wrong. What happens these days? Are there no technical guys in a van outside, or can nobody use a sound balance deck?
    General Comment
    3/ Why does the BBC keep changing how we 'plebs' can comment? It's really annoying that you make it so difficult to quickly post a comment on your programmes. I really just wanted to zap a quick note to the AQ editor, but its taken me 30 mins to set this comment up. I suspect a lot of people give up, and then you wonder why people, including MP's, get so cross about BBC salaries.
    And Also:
    4/Oh, and while I'm logged in,- I agree with all those who think the Radio 4 "comedy slot" at 18:30 (Caroline Raphael please note) has lost the plot. Most of the "new breed" of these programmes are such rubbish that I'm forced to turn the radio off between the 18:00 news and the Archers.
    I think I heard an attempted defence of these programmes on "Feedback" today, but I have to tell you this listener does not appreciate the answers. If this is the state of current radio comedy content,- play repeats of the comedy classics please, and save us all the expense of encouraging this rubbish.
    To Moderator:
    5/ If you think this post inappropriate - fine, but please pass on my thoughts to those who organise these things


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