Supermarket Symphony and Late Nights at the Blue Boar: Music on Radio 4

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    Supermarket Symphony and Late Nights at the Blue Boar are two excellent programmes on Radio 4 that you might have missed* but can still hear online if you're quick.

    The first, which might not sound that thrilling on the page, uses a specially created score interwoven with interviews recorded in a supermarket. It inspired The Guardian's radio critic Elisabeth Mahoney to write:

    "Supermarket Symphony (Radio 4, Friday) was one of those transfixing radio experiences. Nina Perry's composed feature about the hidden beauty and rhythms of a supermarket was a delightful, life-affirming half-hour."

    The second, a music documentary with music journalist Pete Paphides, featured the Watford gap motorway service station cafe and "60s pop star hangout" The Blue Boar and contributions from various rockers.

    On Twitter Paphides reflected on presenting the show and the difficulty of doing the interviews in situ. Apparently Status Quo singer Francis Rossi "..would lose his thread every time a young woman walked past the window."

    Supermarket Symphony is available to listen to for another two days on the Radio 4 website. You can also hear Late Nights at the Blue Boar online.

    Paul Murphy is the Editor of the Radio 4 blog

    * Supermarket Symphony was one of Graham Seed's choices on Pick of the Week but I was away and missed that too. Graham said "it was a little gem of a documentary... specially composed music reveals the surprising beauty of its everyday sounds". There's also a story from the cheese counter that will move even the most hard-hearted supermarket hater to tears.

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