BBC Radio 4

    What were you doing at 4 O'Clock this morning?

    Head of Interactive, Radio 3

    When Jem Stone told me about Karen Strunks' 4 a.m. project earlier this week I started to ask around for Radio 4 staff who might be up and about at 0400 on Saturday and who might be persuaded to take a photograph to go into the big 4amproject pool at flickr. It turns out there aren't many.

    The network doesn't go on air until 0520 so even the announcers are probably still eating their porridge at 0400. Georgina Pattinson, who runs the Today Programme web site, told me there'd be someone up at Today, though. In fact, although the presenters aren't in yet, the production team are already in their first meeting, even on a Saturday when the programme starts at 0700. So I promised the team a cake if they'd take a picture for me and here it is, taken by Alex Hudson at the appointed hour. Alex didn't tell me who the two people pictured are, though. Do you know? Pictured are Simon Hamer (L) and Richard Knight.


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