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    Family quiz "Keep It In The Family" on Radio 4 Extra

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    Ed's note: Fred MacAulay is a regular guest on many Radio 4 panel games, most notably on The News Quiz. But this week and next, he's sitting on the other side of the mic, hosting The 4 O'Clock Show's brain-teasing Keep It In The Family. Each day, two parent and child combinations (mum and son, grandpa and grand-daughter, auntie and nephew) go head to head to prove they're the brainiest family in Britain. The quiz is recorded in BBC Scotland's studios at Pacific Quay in Glasgow - PM.

    Fred MacAulay with two of the teams competing in The 4 O'Clock Show's Keep It In The Family

    Hosting Keep It In The Family is different from just about any job I've done before.

    I'm not playing Paxman on University Challenge nor John Humphries on Mastermind. Nor am I in a situation where I'm expected to be funny like on News Quiz or some of the other Radio 4 panel shows. That's because we're dealing with a mix of adults and children who might well be in a studio for the first time in their lives. Making them feel comfortable and confident so that they'll contribute is almost as important as me getting through all the questions without making a mistake.

    Sometimes there's no lack of confidence, especially in the children. Also we've been very fortunate that there haven't been too many mismatches where one family romps away with a win. I always feel that the quiz works best when all four are participating and we get correct answers from all of them. I've enjoyed doing Keep It In The Family - the only down side is that I don't get any chance to chat with Mel! Maybe we should do a special with The MacAulays versus The Giedroycs?!


    Mel Giedroyc presents The 4 O'Clock Show weekday afternoons on BBC Radio 4 Extra at 4pm. Keep It In the Family with Fred MacAulay runs on the programme from Monday 20 February to Friday 2 March on Radio 4 Extra. If you miss any episodes you can catch up via the 4 O'Clock page on the Radio 4 Extra website.

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