Radio 4's two big countryside programmes are coming together. Don't worry, neither programme is changing. The Ramblings podcast (downloaded 24,599 times in June) is merging with Open Country (which didn't have a podcast of its own) to make a new year-round podcast called Coast and Country.

    The programmes have a lot in common so listeners to one may well be interested in the other. Subscribers to the new podcast, which is called Coast and Country, will get something interesting and outdoorsy to listen to every week of the year instead of for just half of it.

    And because it's a new podcast you'll need to subscribe here, even if you already subscribe to the Ramblings podcast (which will no longer work, so you should remove it from your RSS reader or iTunes). The new series of Open Country started a month ago and you can listen to all the episodes online here. Both programmes also have quite wonderful archives, with over 400 programmes to listen to between them (Open Country and Ramblings).

    In other podcast news, both Feedback and Gardeners Question Time now have their own podcasts, something many listeners have been asking for. Subscribe to Feedback here and Gardeners Question Time here.

    • The picture illustrates the current Open Country, which is about the Second World War secrets of the Peak District.

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