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    We've made a couple of tweaks to the homepage today.

    We've slightly enlarged the top right 'Find a Programme' panel, in order to present the link to all current Radio 4 programmes more clearly. The top picture promotion area has therefore been slightly reduced and, in order to preserve the image shape, we've moved the text to the bottom.

    Here are some other changes which should go live shortly, in response to audience feedback:

    • Clearer links from programme homepages to the pages about their recent editions.
    • A new weekly schedule grid view, which horizontally aligns programmes by time.
    • On the daily schedule page, the greyed-out calendar links from previous/next months will become clickable.

    And looking a little further ahead:

    • We'll start to move archive audio to the new site and will review the ways users get to this content. (In the meantime, remember that you can still access these archives via the links on the right hand side or in the navigation bar on programme pages.)
    • Work has started to redevelop some of our programme microsites (eg The Archers, In Our Time) and add some new features.

    Thanks again for your constructive feedback so far.

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