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    The office is full of people who spent the weekend at the Latitude Festival in Suffolk. They don't look visibly scarred, although apparently it rained more-or-less all the time. Absolutely no one was miserable, though, because there was no mud. Sandy soil, you see. That's the secret of a happy Summer Festival in Britain.

    Radio 4 was at Latitude for the fourth year in a row and, in addition to presenting a lot of live shows for audiences on the Radio 4 Stage, also recorded plenty of material for later broadcast. Already you'll have heard Friday's Now Show, Saturday's Loose Ends and, this afternoon, the first of the Stories with Latitude, from Emma Kennedy. 4 in a Field, presented by Adam Hills, selects the best stand-up performances from the festival for the 6.30 comedy slot on Wednesday.

    And there was Mitch Benn. This year, Radio 4's own satirical guitar God recorded three songs - each from a different part of the site (including a gondola on the lake) exclusively for the web site. They're all here and one of the interesting things about the whole thing is that you're encouraged to lift the videos and embed them on your own web site - and it's easy to do so (that's how I embedded the one at the top - instructions are here).

    • The BBC's Latitude site brings together content from all of the networks that were at the Festival - 6Music, Radio 2 and Radio 4.
    • The Festival's own site has photo galleries and some music.
    • East Anglia's local paper The Eastern Daily Press has comprehensive coverage of the festival.

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