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    Roger Bolton talks to Sir Michael Lyons

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    Editor's note. Feedback, Radio 4's weekly accountability programme, is back on-air - and we'll be publishing an item from the programme each week here on the blog for your reactions. This week Roger Bolton scooped an on-the-spot interview with Sir Michael Lyons right after he announced the new regime for executive and presenter pay. He was at a Voice of the Listener and Viewer conference in London - SB

    When the Conservatives were in opposition they did not hide their view that the BBC Trust had failed and would be replaced when they came into office.

    Now they are in government, in coalition with the Liberal democrats, they seem, if not to have changed their minds, then to regard the future of the Trust as something that can be left to a later date, while they deal with more pressing matters.

    So Sir Michael Lyons, the Trust's Chairman, is back in business and determined to show the Government that he is in charge and that he understands that those who spend the public money have to be parsimonious, more efficient and more transparent.

    I heard him make his first major post election speech on Wednesday evening at a seminar of the organisation Voice of the Listener and Viewer, which is passionate about keeping the BBC on the path of public service broadcasting.

    The seminar took place in a room in the Society of Antiquaries in London, which is dominated by a stern portrait of the Tudor Queen, Bloody Mary, who ordered quite a lot of beheadings not to say burnings in her time.

    Indeed some of her victims were hung, drawn and quartered.

    Sir Michael appeared undaunted by her steely glare, but his audience was full of other formidable ladies, and men of course.

    After an excerpt from his speech you'll hear me talking with some VLV members and then my interview with Sir Michael:

    Roger Bolton presents Feedback on BBC Radio 4

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