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    The Philosopher's Arms: Where ideas meet beer

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    Two nights ago, in a pub not too far from Broadcasting House, Matthew Sweet asked whether people would hook themselves up to a machine guaranteeing a fulfilled life. Among the guests were philosopher Jo Wolf and David Willets MP. (You can hear the debate online.)

    Our panellists: (left to right) Jo Wolff, David Willetts and David Geaney

    This is The Philosopher's Arms - a place where philosophical ideas meet the real world in the company of beer. The evening's subsequent conversation ranged over mental health drugs, government happiness policy and prozac in the water supply.

    Each week in The Philosopher's Arms Matthew Sweet takes a dilemma with real philosophical pedigree and sees how it matters in the everyday world. He'll be joined by a cast of thinkers and experts to show how the dilemma's we face in real life connect us to some of the trickiest philosophical problems ever thought up.

    Paul Murphy is the editor of the Radio 4 blog


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