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    Radio 4 Quiz: Who does not button up when it comes to her obsession with winter woollies?

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    Who doesn’t button up when it comes to her obsession with winter woollies, which three men have been messing about in boats? And which cocktail bar in Liverpool leaves its customers still standing at the end of the night?  


    Find the answers to these questions and more in this week's Radio 4 Quiz. Last week's answers can be found here. We'll post the answers to these questions in the comments section next week, unless you get there first.

    Q: Which Beatles film was described as"the boys own little running,jumping and standing still film?
    A: - 06.26

    Q: Who is obsessed with cardies?
    A: - 22.05

    Q: Which city, viewed from the sky, looked as though "someone had been throwing jewellery down on black velvet?"
    A: - 37.05

    Q: Who asked Naresh to rig the elections in "Undercover Mumbai"?
    A: - 52.15

    Q: Which expert on fertility/profressor and Lord thinks it is great that women are having babies later in life?
    A: - 07.10

    Q: Name the best selling mocktail that is shaken and stirred in a booze-free bar in Liverpool?
    A: - 12.25

    Q: Along which part of the Thames did Harris and J say they would pick up the skiff and where would they meet George?
    A: - 16.35

    Q: What does an idea look like?

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