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    Radio 4 fox update - vandal targeted heavyweight current affairs

    Head of Interactive, Radio 3

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    Jennifer Clarke, interactive producer and fox watcher, emailed me this morning:

    The fox was seen by a security guard last night still wandering free. Actually the Money Box area was unscathed - the fox seemed to take out its frustration on the Crossing Continents/The Report areas!

    An hour or so later she wrote again: "The fox was apparently caught last night - unharmed" and went on:

    The RSPCA supplied a cage which was left somewhere tempting. One of our engineers spotted the fox hiding behind a filing cabinet late last night and managed to get it into the cage. It was then released some distance away from the building.

    Jennifer's so far been unable to confirm the rumour that the fox was carrying a staff pass in the name B. Brush.

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