Ed's note: This week's drama podcast to download, keep and listen to whenever you want is The Jinx Element. Download it here - PM.

    Portrait Of Edith Wharton

    Stephen Wakelam's play The Jinx Element follows on from last week's adaptation of Edith Wharton's Ethan Frome in that it tells the story of the author's affair with the journalist Morton Fullerton as seen through the eyes of her friend and fellow writer Henry James.

    While Wharton's characters are often trapped in bad relationships or confining circumstances, her own life stands as an example of the obstacles that a woman of her time and place had to overcome to find self-realisation.

    Fenella Woolgar voices Edith Wharton in both Ethan Frome and The Jinx Element.

    Paul Murphy is the editor of the Radio 4 blog

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      Would like to comment on Prayer for Today. Litvak gives some interesting information. However, is it really a prayer? Any possibility of having some charismatic preachers on to pray? Also 2 minutes to pray to the Creator of heaven and earth is hardly enough - perhaps an extension to at least 5 minutes would be good. As regards 'Songs of Praise' - again why don't you broadcast from some lively charismatic venues such as Hillsong in central London? People say that Christianity is in decline in the U.K. but that is definitely NOT the case with pentecostal/charismatic congregations. Many such congregations worship in their own homes, schools, community halls etc. and do not register under 'church attendance'. Christianity is the fastest growing faith in the world - you only have to look at Reinhardt Bonnke's Crusades in Africa where millions turn up for his meetings. However, we never hear about it on the BBC - I wonder why?

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