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    The new series of The Kitchen Cabinet (Radio 4's culinary panel show that aims to change the way you think about food, cooking and eating) begins in a new Saturday morning slot from 9 May. Here's a taster...

    With huge generosity and dollops of good taste the powers at Radio 4 have decided that The Kitchen Cabinet should have a new slot on Saturday mornings at 10.30am. Obviously I'm delighted we can now share with a bigger audience the greed, killer cooking tips, and useless, arcane but completely compelling foodie knowledge - both historical and scientific - guaranteed to make any good dinner party swing, finally removing the need to put your car keys in a pot in the middle of the table.
    To celebrate the move to Saturdays I’ve put together a list of the top tips from the first episode of this series, recorded in Liverpool.

    I give you The Kitchen Cabinet’s top #KitchenHacks Enjoy.

    1. Bittersweet symphony: using sound to affect taste

    James 'Jocky' Petrie explains how sound can be used to influence flavour.

    Heston Blumenthal’s Ex-Head of Development James ‘Jocky’ Petrie [@chefjocky]

    2. How to make the ultimate rich and gloopy stock (and store it)

    Dr Annie Gray explains the historic naval method for creating long-lasting stock.

    Food Historian Dr Annie Gray [@DrAnnieGray]

    4. An intriguing substitute for dairy

    James 'Jocky' Petrie suggests malt milk as a handy substitute for dairy products.

    James ‘Jocky’ Petrie [@chefjocky]

    5. Best uses for Elderflower (that isn’t making cordial)

    James 'Jocky' Petrie and Rachel McCormack suggest alternative uses for elderflower.

    James ‘Jocky’ Petrie [@chefjocky] and Rachel McCormack [@R_McCormack]

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