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    We are coming up to half-way through our initiative to bring to light brilliant books that have been unfairly/unreasonably/incorrectly/shamefully cast aside - by public indifference/daft publishers/the cruel hand of fate/rotten luck. Mariella Frostrup, Queen of Books, is interviewing a glittering group of 10 authors on Open Book. Each author champions a book that - in their view - has been unreasonably neglected.

    The authors are: Ruth Rendell, Susan Hill, Beryl Bainbridge, William Boyd, Colm Toibin, Michael Morpurgo, Hari Kunzru, Val McDermid, Joanna Trollope and Howard Jacobson.

    Last week Mariella interviewed five of them - and in this week's programme (Sunday 1600, repeated Thursday 1600) she will interview the other five. All ten of them are passionate about their neglected classic - so the obvious thing to do is to read the lot.

    But in the meantime - vote. Because you will decide which one of these books is top of the neglected classics pile and we will then adapt it on Radio 4 - probably in the Classic Serial slot. So you're helping shape the schedule. Who knows - we might even do more than one of the ten.

    You vote by going to the website. Voting will start immediately after Open Book is transmitted on Sunday.

    We'd also like to hear what your favourite neglected classic is. And we may well reflect what you say on the programme too in coming weeks. I have my own neglected classic - which I happen to believe is the finest novel, neglected or not, written in the twentieth century. I am afraid/delighted you will end up hearing it at some point on Radio 4. But for the time being I want you to vote for the ten glorious specimens on offer. We have already received a lot of correspondence about Neglected Classics - so please do your literary duty!

    Mark Damazer is Controller of BBC Radio 4

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