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    Play of the Week podcast: Private Peaceful

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    Last week we blogged about the surround sound and binaural versions of Private Peaceful that are available as part of an audio experiment by the R&D team. Several of you have asked for a download of the version that was broadcast. Anyway, I'm glad to say that Private Peaceful is today's Play of the Week podcast. You can download it until next Friday when a new drama will be available.

    Here are some details about Private Peaceful:

    Private Peaceful opens with a tick from a precious watch that Tommo's brother, Charlie, has given him in battle. Tommo holds it to his ear to listen through the night, as he awaits the dawn. Tommo relives his childhood in rural Devon. From his first days at school, through the death of his Father, his unrequited love for Molly, to the circumstances that lead him to volunteer to fight in the Trenches. His world immediately comes to fully-dramatised life, in a large-cast, action-packed adventure story.

    Full details of the production can be found on the Private Peaceful programme page and you can download the podcast for free from the Play of the Week podcast page.

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