Here's a lovely thing. A colleague pointed out that the producers of the excellent Last Chance to See TV series with Stephen Fry have dug out the original Douglas Adams radio series from 1989 and put all the episodes on their web site to listen to. A real treat.

    • Episode 1 of Last Chance to See, created by Mark Carwardine, who also created the original radio series, was on BBC 2 Sunday and, thanks to 'series catch-up', you've got two months to watch it.
    • The Last Chance to See radio programmes are here.
    • The picture shows Douglas Adams (left) and Mark Carwardine in a publicity shot for the radio programme that I found in the BBC's picture library, Elvis.


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    • Comment number 1. Posted by orchman

      on 15 Sept 2009 17:25

      This series, whilst light hearted, does not detract from the seriousness of preventing many endangered pieces from extinction. The efforts by both presenters Messrs Carwardine & Fry are to be greatly applauded. The series also deals with many of the political an economical issues that are influencing this struggle, influences that we all tend to forget sometimes, thinking that it is a just a matter of stopping poachers,preventing refugees from running over borders, and all will be fine. It is a far more complicated issue, and the BBC is to be congratulated in bringing these issues to light with the help of the wonderful Stephen Fry, and a sanguine Mark Carwardine.

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